MCNARRY: Remove Secretary of State from office


McNarry in call to Prime Minister to remove Secretary of State Theresa Villiers from office

David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has written to the Prime Minister requesting that he urgently address the future of Theresa Villiers MP as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. He has put to Mr Cameron his view – which he believes is widely held – that Miss Villiers cracked under Sinn Fein pressure and danced to the republican tune in betraying an agreement she had freely and willingly initiated in his presence relating to the formation of a Parades Panel.

Mr McNarry added :

“In my view Miss Villiers was wilfully contemptuous in her treatment of both unionist and Orange leaders by reneging on her own initiative to form a parades panel under terms of reference she herself published and which were accepted by unionist and Orange leaders. Her chicanery in allowing Martin McGuinness to announce that the panel was scrapped was as insensitive as it was insulting. Clearly unionist and Orange leaders who feel betrayed by her action, as I do, would do well to sever all links with this duplicitous and untrustworthy lady. Her defective excuses – that she took her decision because of dwindling support from within the unionist and Orange leadership – needs to be fully explained by naming those who she said had pulled back from the agreement they had with her. UKIP gave her no room whatsoever to invent such a feeble excuse.”


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