Something smells over Secretary of State scuppering Panel


STATEMENT- UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA

Something smells over Villiers scuppering Twaddell Panel

“When a senior NIO official phoned me on Monday past to clarify the UKIP position on this panel, I told him the panel was agreed weeks ago by the United Unionist Leadership and the Orange Order and that the Secretary Of State was made fully aware of this. I queried the official as to what was behind his call, as he knew our position. He was uneasy. Now I know why the call took place; it was to scupper the panel.”

Mr McNarry added:

“How surprised I was yesterday to hear Martin McGuinness and not the Secretary Of State announce that the panel was scuppered.

Subsequently in a radio Ulster interview I was shocked to hear that some in the unionist leadership group no longer supported the panel. I challenged that assertion by the Secretary Of State and asked her to name those inside unionism who lead her to think the panel should be scrapped.

I think the truth here is that the Secretary Of State has given into Republican demands to scrap the panel.

UKIP are examining the text of her radio interview and we will be demanding an explanation in the New Year which if unsatisfactory could lead to a call for Ms Villiers’ resignation.”


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