UKIP has been right all along on wind turbines


UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA has welcomed the recent news that new wind turbine applications are tumbling and has called on the NI Environment Minister to take action by wrapping up the planning application process altogether.

Mr McNarry said:

“UKIP were right all along to challenge wind turbines as a waste of money and ghastly environmental blots on the landscape.

News that new applications for turbines are tumbling means that the end is nigh for the speculators gold-rush.

My thanks go out to all of those who have supported UKIP in this hard fight against these monstrosities; especially our friends in Tyrone, Antrim and Down.

I call on the Minister Mark H Durkan to wrap up these turbines once and for all and issue a ministerial directive that no more planning applications for wind-turbines will be granted anywhere.”


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