MCNARRY: Agreement? This Executive has no credible record of looking after public money


David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has commented on the apparent agreement between the Executive parties emerging from the Stormont talks.

Mr McNarry said :

“I am calling for a senior Treasury official to be seconded over the next 10 year period to carry out a monthly spending audit-watch on Stormont’s financial management and level of ministerial competence. This apparent all-party agreement, which they are asking Cameron to endorse and underwrite, is only a ten-year break-even plan. There is no provision for economic growth, only a future of money pay-backs with interest. Effectively, Northern Ireland has been thrown into an economic limbo-zone. I am not convinced that the ‘fabulous five’ executive parties, having caused the crisis in the first place and spectacularly failed to cope with their ministerial pressures can be trusted with borrowing yet more money on such a scale without proper scrutiny. Borrowing billions is a long-term gamble with multiple short-term repercussions.”

“These Ministers have no credible record of looking after public money so how on earth can they be trusted to manage affairs stretching over a ten-year period? Because this deal must show it is not simply a begging-bowl bail-out and prove to Cameron that there is real Northern Ireland input, I believe the public are being primed for a bargain-basement auction of public assets selling off the family silver, including Belfast Harbour, while paving the way for water charges and means-testing on prescription charges and concessionary fares. These Executive parties had their feet toasted under a fire lit by their own incompetence, inadequacies and deceit. How are they fit to govern ?”

“UKIP will scrutinise this would-be sell-out script. People are asking – is the price too high ? Not once have I heard a unionist say that any issue is a deal-breaker. So, where are we with parades and flags? Is the definition of a victim now resolved ? UKIP believe everyone is entitled to the truth and not to this Christmas –spin of fake glitter we are being presented with. As this ‘agreement’ unravels, UKIP will reveal its consequences and show that there is no sparkle on this deal, only the promise of tough times made tougher.”


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