MCNARRY: Trust is gone – Response to Wilson remarks


Responding to Sammy Wilson’s remarks in today’s News Letter, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA has today said:

“The DUP and UUP broke their promise to me not to discuss parading at these talks.
Despite their constant denials, they negotiated a deal with Sinn Fein to devolve parading to Robinson and McGuinness.

What a turn up putting Martin McGuinness in the decision seat.”

Mr McNarry added:

“UKIP support Twaddell. The question must be asked: Where is this graduated response Sammy?
The DUP have messed up big time. Trust is gone: No one trusts the DUP or the UUP. Nobody trusts these parties to negotiate on behalf of unionism. They have messed up at these talks.

What a result – Own goals galore!”


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