MCNARRY: Executive amateurs have only themselves to blame

Commenting on the current “talks” at Stormont, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry has said that the Executive only have themselves to blame. 

The NI Executive are amateurs – let’s have an election. UKIP called it correct from the beginning – come clean on Parades!

UKIP does not support the Prime Minister or his austerity measures. The reality is, however, clear for all to see, he has limited cash to give away, he has also to think of other regions.

The amateurs are exposed ; they sit in the N. I. Executive. A bunch of inept chancers caught out long before the Chancellor’s cuts. They have plunged Northern Ireland into a deep black hole of free-loading spending going out of control.

They alone have emptied the Executive Kitty. The rescue was too much to ask for by way of a cash bailout receipted against their wreckless overspending and crazy funding.

It has taken nearly 20 years for the Executive parties to waken up to asking for a peace-divided, which cut us adrift in having a sound-base to start with.

How long will we wait until this Executive Coalition comes out of their sleep walking into crisis after crisis? The answer is ‘no longer’.

UKIP call for an election now – let’s do both Westminster and Stormont polls next May! On these talks UKIP called it correct from the beginning.

Finally, forget the confidentiality of the talks, let’s see the truth about what was agreed on Parades which led to Prime Minister to be prescriptive rather than speculative this morning!


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