MCNARRY: DUP & Sinn Fein in secret deals with SNP and Labour?


David McNarry MLA is today calling on the DUP & Sinn Fein to clear the air on secret deals with SNP and Labour

UKIP’s Leader in Northern Ireland is demanding to know if the DUP are engaged in talks with Alex Salmond and the Scottish National Party as part of an arrangement to form a Labour-led coalition government after the next election.

Mr McNarry said:

Following Alex Salmond’s interview on Newsnight a range of disturbing options have been raised. It appears that both the DUP and Sinn Fein may be talking to Salmond and the SNP about putting in a Labour Government in a cynical numbers game following the election – that is if a another hung Parliament is elected. If Sinn Fein did take their seats at Westminster this would be a huge reversal of a century-old policy. People should remember, however, that it has been done before. In the years before the First World War John Redmond’s Nationalists put in a Liberal Government with the price being Home Rule for Ireland. Could Sinn Fein now be planning to do the same with Labour – with part of the price being the removal of Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom and part being the end of austerity policies? Is Alex Salmond preparing to be the midwife of such a deal?

Following Newsnight serious questions have to be asked about this numbers game being played out between the parties. I think we are all entitled to ask and to expect a response – are the DUP involved in any negotiations with Salmond and Labour quite apart from any talks they are having with the Conservatives ? We should also ask – are Sinn Fein also involved in such negotiations?


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