McNarry challenges Translink fares increase only 24 hours after Stormont Committee meeting


Contempt for committee by Translink and Minister says MLA

David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has said that DRD Minister Kennedy needs to justify the Translink fare increase announced today, buried on a busy news day.

Once again, matters are notified to the media keeping the DRD Committee at Stormont in the dark, just 24 hours after the DRD Committee met yesterday to discuss budgets. This is a disgrace. Translink have, for years, been receiving a 43.1 pence per litre fuel rebate estimated to be worth £10.5 million a year. They gamble public money on fuel hedging. They are asset rich and have millions in the bank. Translink are due to receive a £9 million pay-out from the budget. Yet they penalise the public, who are propping up their entire operation, with fare increases.

Mr McNarry added:

This is simply not good enough and I will do all in my power to resist the public being penalised in this way. In the new year, I will be challenging the DRD department on their flagrant disregard for the code of practice on committees at Stormont. It is abundantly clear they hold the Stormont DRD Committee in contempt. The Minister is bound by duty to consult the Committee on issues like this. There has been no consultation here. Translink seem to think they are above all scrutiny by implementing these increased charges.”


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