MCNARRY: UKIP pull-out of combined Unionist Group



UKIP pull-out of combined Unionist Group on Twaddell
Statement from UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA

Most of all I feel that the Ligoniel Orangemen, their supporters and local community have been badly let down by the combined Unionist Group set up in response to an Orange request, which has fallen flat and been rendered impotent.

I am disappointed that despite UKIP represented by myself and Cllr David Jones playing a full and active role with the combined Unionist Group over many weeks – despite also guarantees given by the DUP and UUP that ‘Parades’ would not be discussed at the Talks table – the emphasis has shifted away from the Group with talks on Parades being discussed with the UK and Irish Governments and Republicans.

It is obvious that the duplicitous action of the DUP and UUP has severed the connection with Unionists not at the talks table. There cannot be more than one process! It being clear that the process entered into with the Secretary of State and her initiating a Parades Panel has lost its impact when parades per say are being discussed openly at the Talks.

Whilst an honourable process was in progress, agreed by the Unionist Leaders, it is regrettable that the DUP and UUP have unwrapped such a process. In principle I can no longer remain in tandem with a Group no longer in the frame and clearly letting the people involved at Twaddell down badly.


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