MCNARRY: Empey indulging in misrepresentation


Lord Empey indulging in misrepresentation

Responding to comments made by Lord Empey earlier this evening, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA has said:

“It ill becomes the UUP Peer who takes the Tory Whip to indulge in such misrepresentation.

Is it because Lord Empey is such a split personality; still locked under the Tory spell of the disastrous UCUNF debacle? Or is it because UKIP are now frightening the boots off his leader?

By the way; who is his leader? Is it David Cameron in London?
Is it Mike Nesbitt in Belfast?

I am not one bit worried about Reg Empey. I have the full recording of the Alex Kane interview that he refers to. I will release this on Monday.”


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