LOVE welcomes abandonment of plans for wind farm


UKIP representative, Alan Love has welcomed the abandonment of plans for a massive offshore wind farm within sight of the Co. Down coast.

He said:
“Northern Ireland’s people can breathe a collective sigh of relief at the news that First Flight have abandoned plans to develop this unnecessary and environmentally blighting wind turbine cluster off one of the most attractive stretches of Co. Down coast.”

“With a 40% rate of fuel poverty we can ill afford to pay three times the rate for conventionally generated electricity. While admittedly offshore wind-generated electricity is somewhat more reliable than its onshore equivalent, its intermittent nature, medium term unpredictability and environmental blight make it unsuitable as a large scale energy source.”

“Germany and Denmark have discovered this to their cost.
With the constant need for spinning backup generation and short life expectancy, wind turbines will produce little or no reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The chief attraction for developers of such projects is the farming of taxpayer funded subsidies and increased energy revenue.”

“It is significant that the primary reason First Flight give for abandoning their project is the prospect of present rates of public support drying up after 2021.”

“There are many home grown sources of energy to be explored in Northern Ireland with shale gas extraction being the most promising.”


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