McNarry calls for review of ‘Wind Turbines’ – outlaw these obscenities


UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA has called for an urgent review of Wind Turbines before the landscape is ruined with ugly monstrosities. He is also demanding that the new super councils get their act together on a Wind Turbine policy – and be specific with Planning now it is their responsibility.

He said:

“How can any council decide on planning applications without a policy on Wind Turbines?” asked Mr McNarry.

Mr McNarry added : “The decision to withdraw the proposed off-shore Wind Farm along the Co Down coast is a clear sign that the proposal wasn’t cost effective wasn’t commercially viable and in the end proved a waste of time.”

“Wind Turbines are causing disputes, raising fears and are destroying our countryside. In the Ards peninsula, Cookstown, Omagh and East Antrim areas people are up in arms over the planning giving permission willy-nilly for these ugly and terrifying turbines. I checked recently will all 26 local councils not one had a policy on Wind Turbines which would stand up in court.”

Mr McNarry concluded :” These expensive tax-payer-subsidised, loss-making obscenities should be outlawed. The make no sense, no money and the public do not want them.”


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