MCNARRY: Sale of Belfast Harbour?


UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland David McNarry MLA has said:

“Looking through the mist of Minister Kennedy’s knee jerk reaction and outrageous predictions over his potential budget cuts – therein lies this question.

Are we, the public, being primed for the ‘Pot of Gold Sale of the Century’ to off-load the Belfast Harbour Estate? To sell it as a going concern to privateers? In doing so not only will Christmas come early for Minister Kennedy but the Executive share out from such a sale would spread joy and good tidings to all!”

Mr McNarry added:

“Minister Kennedy talks in riddles and proposes notional withdrawals of services. He has not presented factual figures, there are no properly worked out calculations. I want to see the end game not estimates. I want, like the public wish, ‘God’s honest truth statements not fantasy made up in the DRD’. If his ploy of scare-mongering is all about saving the services by selling the Belfast Harbour, let him come clean.”


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