LOVE: The Famous DUP Balancing Act.


L-R: Mark Reckless MP, Alan Love, Cllr Chris Irvine and Cllr Paul Monck campaigning on the Hoo Peninsula near Rochester.

Lagan Valley UKIP Representative Alan Love has said:

“Peter Robinson and the Democratic Unionist Party think they will hold the balance of power after the 2015 General Election and this will enable them to fight Northern Ireland’s corner. They must be living in Dream Land!

I have just returned from campaigning in the Rochester and Strood by-election where Mark Reckless won UKIP’s 271st target seat. This points to a very large number of seats being gained by UKIP in 2015 and the chance of the DUP holding the balance of power are remote, to say the least. What a gamble for a party to base its flagship policy on!

Let’s look at an example of the DUP pressing the interests of Northern Ireland’s voters. On 10 November Parliament debated transferring a vital package of UK powers to the European Union, including the reintroduction of the European Arrest Warrant. Where were six of the DUP MPs while this debate and vote took place? Was opposing this erosion of democracy not important to them? One who was present, Jim Shannon, even went so far as to support the Government on a measure which could result in Northern Ireland citizens being deported on the flimsiest of evidence. At least Sammy Wilson had the sense to stand up for his constituents and vote against.

Voters in Northern Ireland have a choice at next year’s General Election. Vote in members of ineffectual local parties who will have no influence in Parliament or vote in UKIP MPs to join a large group of their fellow party members and have a real beneficial effect on the lives and well being of the people of Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.”


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