MCNARRY: Reckless Rocks Labour and Tories



Statement – David McNarry MLA, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland

I have sent my congratulations to Mark Reckless on his momentous victory in Rochester & Strood for UKIP. His courage and honour has been endorsed by the democratic process.

The result will have sent shock waves shaking the foundations of Downing Street.

UKIP have gained the political high ground and secured a momentum which neither the Tories nor Labour can counter.

Rochester & Strood was ranked 271 on the UKIP target list – with this result the potential for seats has shot up the scale!

I have no doubt that many voters here in Northern Ireland will be itching to vote for UKIP come the Assembly Elections. UKIP resonates with people here, as it does across the water. The Farage bounce factor is having an effect on Northern Ireland.

My message remains consistent, if you vote for UKIP you will get UKIP. People are fed up with the phoney war between the DUP and Sinn Fein, fed up with the growth of political elitism looking down on ordinary people.

UKIP will be leading the charge to remove elitism and will be preventing the cosy five-party coalition from creating a self-preservation society, resulting in a democratic deficit.


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