UKIP Activists out and about in Lisburn City Centre



UKIP Activists were braving the weather out in force this morning in Lisburn City Centre during the second in a series of Local Action days, delivering the message that a real alternative has arrived in Northern Ireland.

Commenting on a very positive morning, UKIP Regional Organiser and Representative in Lisburn Brian Higginson said:

“We had a tremendous morning in the City Centre walking about and chatting to people about various local issues. We will be following up in the coming days on the issues that were brought to our attention. It was clear to see that many people here are fed up of the same old faces promising the sun, the moon and the stars at election time, when in reality, they are failing to deliver for the people of this area.”

Mr Higginson added:

“A number of people remarked that it was nice to see UKIP here, and it was even nicer to see a political party out and about talking to people when it’s not during an election campaign. We have common-sense policies and we deal straight; and I think that people appreciate that. I want to thank the people of Lisburn for a great response, and for the expressions of interest in joining our peoples’ movement.”

Fellow Lagan Valley UKIP Representative Alan Love added:

“I was very encouraged this morning. We spoke to people from different backgrounds on a range of issues. Everything from the Lagan Valley hospital A&E, to the complete shambles that is the European Union, to rates and the ever-increasing cost of living. Those that stopped and spoke to us at length were genuinely pleased to see UKIP activists out and about.”

He added:

“What is different about UKIP is that It is a grass-roots peoples’ movement. People were receptive to that. It is time for change, and UKIP offers a real alternative to the broken parties of old. We have very much arrived in Lisburn and the Lagan Valley area, and trust me, we are here to stay.”


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