Love comments on Bumper Graham interview


Alan Love, a UKIP Representative in Lisburn, has commented on Bumper Graham’s interview. (Belfast Telegraph 10/11/2014)

“As a one-time member of NIPSA and a former Scientific Civil Servant, I found Bumper Graham’s interview interesting. I agree with what he says about the economic crisis being ‘..down to the incompetence of successive Northern Ireland Executives….’ and his assertion that ‘There is plenty of money in the UK …’

However, his faith in George Osborne turning the economy around is sadly misplaced. Government debt and the cost of living continue to rise and wages remain stagnant or falling in real terms.”

Mr Love added:

“There could be large sums money available throughout the UK. Based purely on relative populations, the saving in net contributions on leaving the European Union could benefit Northern Ireland’s economy to the tune of £ 23,000 per hour.”

“A further injection of £ 52,000 per hour could be achieved by the repeal of the 2008 Climate Change Act and its later endorsement by the Northern Ireland Assembly. Electing UKIP MPs in all parts of the United Kingdom would be the first step towards achieving this improvement in our national fortune.”


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