JONES: DUP Confusion in important Westminster vote


After the confusion of Monday evening in Westminster and the government games in relation to a vote on the incredibly important issue of the European Arrest Warrant, a debate and vote eventually took place in the House of Commons involving the UK opting back into 35 police and criminal justice measures.

Commenting on the vote, and the lack of representation from Northern Ireland MPs in the Commons during such an important debate,
UKIP Representative for Upper Bann and ABC Councillor for Portadown David Jones said:

“These measures have significant interest for Northern Ireland as we are the only part of the UK that shares a land border with another member state – the Republic of Ireland.”

“Two DUP MPs voted. Jim Shannon voted with the Government, whilst his party colleague Sammy Wilson voted against it. One has to wonder if the DUP actually have any policies on these issues when effectively voting as they did, each member cancelled the other out. Tactical voting?”

Commenting further, Councillor Jones added:

“At least the two aforementioned MPs were actually present for this debate and vote. It would be very interesting to know where exactly our local MP Mr Simpson and his five other DUP MP colleagues were, and why exactly they decided to refrain from taking part in such a crucial vote for the people of Northern Ireland?”

“Have the DUP taken some new tips from their Stormont bedfellows; are they now part-trialling an abstentionist policy?”

“Remember this when you hear the DUP talking about holding the ‘balance of power’ after the next years Westminster election.”

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