NUTTALL: We may have peace in Northern Ireland, but where is the prosperity?


UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nutall MEP spoke this evening during a debate in the European Parliament on the subject of Northern Ireland:

“Mr President,

Just days after the western world celebrated 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, can I remind you that in Belfast security walls still stand and divide communities.

We may have relative peace in Northern Ireland, but I ask where is the prosperity?

In the same month that the UK was handed a 1.7 billion pound bill by the European Union, Northern Ireland had to borrow 100 million pounds from the British treasury in order to make next year’s budget.

Northern Ireland also has the highest rate of unemployment in the United Kingdom.

May I therefore suggest that rather than hand over the 55 million every single day to this European Union, a proportion of that money is invested in Northern Ireland where it is so badly needed.

Peace is great, but we have left Northern Ireland in an economic wilderness following the end of a bloody war.

All the peace sponsors, the UK, the Irish Republic, the Americans and the EU have failed to financially assist lasting peace. That worries me greatly.”


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