JORDAN welcomes DRD investment in Carrickfergus


UKIP Mid and East Antrim Councillor Noel Jordan has today welcomed the news of further investment in the Carrickfergus area from the Department of Regional Development. The Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy set out Transport NI progress on investment totalling £3.6million for road improvement and maintenance schemes in the Carrickfergus area this year.

The Minister announced that:
“Work is progressing well on the £50million A2 Shore Road dual carriageway scheme and is expected to be completed in summer 2015.”
The works highlighted by the department included a number of improvements and maintenance schemes currently planned or progressed including:

“Carriageway resurfacing incorporating works completed at Copperwood Road, Coronation Road, Trailcock Road, Downshire Road and Prospect Drive. 8.0km of carriageway was also surface dressed and a footway resurfacing scheme was carried out at Marine Highway in Carrickfergus.”

Commenting on all of this, Councillor Jordan added:
“The road surfaces in the Carrickfergus Borough have been dug up and filled in so often now that it is truly encouraging to see that these issues are now being looked at and addressed, although there will still be areas who feel that they are being over looked.”

He added:
“When the new Mid and East Antrim Council gets up and running in April 2015, this is an issue that I will be keeping on the radar. The surface of our roads and footpaths are essential for the safety of the public and the general wellbeing of the areas.”


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