UKIP South Antrim Representative plays the last post at NI Assembly


UKIP South Antrim representative Glenn Kirkpatrick was today honoured to have played the last post at the Northern Ireland Assembly’s Remembrance Service earlier this morning.

Commenting at the event,
Mr Kirkpatrick said:

“Playing the last post is always a great privilege and honour, no matter where it is, or who it is for. I think today however was quite special though.
Today was the first time ever that the Northern Ireland Assembly has taken a break from business to carry out a service to mark their respects on a service of this nature. Today marked the 100th year anniversary of the great war.”

He added:

“I played for the assembly yesterday at their annual service, but today for me, and I believe for many others in attendance was an even more poignant service, which made it that bit more special.”


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