MCNARRY comments on draft budget statement


Commenting on the budget announcement from the Finance Minister, UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland    David McNarry has said:

“Are Simon Hamilton and his party colleagues now telling us that the five-party executive is fit to govern? Is the executive now fit for purpose, or is Mr Hamilton in fact saying that Christmas has come early, and Peter and Martin are sharing their presents?”

“The question must be asked; what’s in it for the rest of us?”

Mr McNarry added:

“UKIP will be forensically going through the ministers’ statement; a statement which of course totally excludes figures and gives us very few real answers.”

“I wrote to Mr. Hamilton last week and asked him for a copy of the final draft budget proposals.  These proposals, if they include any figures will tell us the true story. I expect that what will be revealed is the departmental spending merry-go-round which careered off the rails four years and was never rectified.”




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