JONES: No logic in having four weekly bin collections


UKIP Councillor on ABC Council David Jones, has come out strongly in opposition to four weekly bin collections.

Commenting, Cllr Jones said:

‘It has been very interesting to see how the Banbridge Council have conducted a trial into this, and all I can say is I am opposed to the measure and my clear opposition will continue should the issue be brought up at the ABC Council in the future’.

He continued:

“I can see absolutely no logical reason for four weekly bin collections, other than to fall in line with current EU directives. Interestingly this trial has been conducted during the Autumn time when it is generally cooler. This year has been an exception weather wise, and I would be very concerned in the height of summer when temperatures are a lot hotter the risk there would be to health.”

“As part of our UKIP Direct Democracy Policy, we believe that on issues such as this, there should be the option of a local referendum. I think this is such a case. The council should let local people decide. Personally, I would prefer to see weekly collections reinstated.”

UKIP would be interested to hear your reactions to four weekly bin collections and would ask you to use the Upper Bann or UKIP NI Facebook page. In the meantime, Councillor Jones is determined to use his influence with other Councillors to have the Banbridge issue redressed.


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