McNarry warns of lack of tracking of illegal immigrants


David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has said:

“The €9 million spent monthly by the Italians on search & rescue for migrants coming from Africa is to be replaced by an EU operation costing €3 million on border control across a 30 mile offshore line limit.”

“Many of these immigrants are heading for the United Kingdom as their final destination. The numbers must be sizeable when calculated against a spend of €9 million. All this represents an on-going, unstoppable monthly flow of illegal entrants, most of whom Italy and France are happy to push across to our shores.”

“The Government should face up to reality and admit it is losing the battle to control illegal immigration. Sitting back watching hordes of people arrive illegally with their existence going under the radar is part of the problem the Government have created for themselves by a consistent lack of action.”


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