McNarry challenges Kennedy over multi-million car park give-away


McNarry challenges Kennedy over disposal of public assets in multi-million pound off-street car park give-away to super councils

Nothing to stop Councils selling off carpark assets given for free by Kennedy

David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has challenged Regional Development Minister for disposing of public assets in a multi-million pound give-away to the new super-councils.

“Here we have a Minister who says he cannot fund street lighting but who seems perfectly happy to transfer public assets in the form of off-street car parks to the new super-councils with no safeguards in place to prevent those councils selling off these car park assets to developers built into the bill transferring the assets.”

“This Minister cannot fund street lighting – pot holes or road maintenance yet he give away car parks to councils for them to sell off to developers. It’s a joke. Really this is nothing short of incompetence.”

“Last week, in the Assembly Regional Development Committee, I pressed departmental officials over safeguards being put in place to prevent these new councils, who are getting these car-parks for free from Mr Kennedy, selling them on to the highest bidder to help plug a hole in their finances if it arose. The officials said they were happy to consider an amendment to the Bill along these lines. Yet here we are, less than a week later, with the Minister moving super-quick to complete the give-away before any amendment to the Bill is made.”

“This level of disregard for publicly owned assets is unacceptable. To describe car parks in town centres as cost neutral is an insult to the public’s intelligence.”


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