EFDD statement regarding newest member


Several media outlets have this morning been posting inaccuracies regarding the most recent member of UKIP’s Eurosceptic Group (EFDD) in the European Parliament.

For the avoidance of any doubt:

An EFDD spokesman said:

“Mr Robert Iwaszkiewicz was the only Polish member asked to join the EFDD Group. The only comment he made on Hitler was that he was an evil man who should have been executed.”

“Korwin-Mikke is not a member of our group.”

“Both UKIP Party and EFDD Group abhors and rejects any scent of anti-Semitism. Number four on the UKIP North West MEP list is a Jew as is its former Party General Secretary.”

“All groups in the European Parliament have very odd bedfellows, for examples, the Tories are part of a pan European party aECR with the Islamist AK Party of Turkey, Labour are in a Group with homophobes from Croatia. The Greens were recently led by MEP Danny Cohen Bendit with very odd views on child sexuality.”

“The rules to get Group speaking time and funding are set by the European Parliament, not by UKIP. “


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