MCNARRY: DUP / UUP need to confirm that Parades will ‘NOT’ be discussed at Talks with Governments


McNarry calls on DUP / UUP to clear the air and confirm that Parades will ‘NOT’ be discussed at the Talks with other parties, London and Dublin

UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland,
David McNarry MLA, has challenged the DUP and UUP to come clean on parades.

Mr McNarry said, “No ‘slight of hand’ tactics attempting to manipulate a twin track approach on Parades will be tolerated. I want those Unionists at the Talks with other parties and the London and Dublin Governments to say that Parades are not and will not be on the Agenda”.

“Some Unionists must not be thinking that they can ride two horses in a double act”.

He added, “On Monday, 13th October the Combined Unionist Leadership sought clarification from the Secretary of State in a drilling down exercise about her initiative for a Parades Panel Enquiry. Ms Villiers agreed to respond within a few days – so far no word”.

“Should her clarifications be acceptable to the Leadership Group, then a situation kicks in whereby ‘Parades’ are taken into the sole domain of the Panel Enquiry in which case, I urge all interested parties to participate”.

“Once that Panel Enquiry is operative it closes down Parades on the Talks Agenda”.

“The DUP and UUP, the only Unionists at the Talks do not speak for the majority of Unionists – they need to be mindful of that and respectful toward the views of other Unionists represented in the Combined Unionist Leadership Group”.


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