Recent reports illustrate Lisburn Council & Stormont disregard for traders


Alan Love, a UKIP representative in Lisburn, has commented on three stories side by side (pp6-7) in The Ulster Star edition of 10 October.

Mr Love commented:

“These reports about a woman falling in Market Square, a pub owner having his cellar flooded with sewage and a business owner being effected by over restrictive parking rules, illustrate the utter disregard that both the City Council and Stormont Government departments have for city centre traders, their customers and visitors to Lisburn’s central attractions.”

“Public realm work has being going on in Lisburn Centre since Autumn 2013 with huge disruption to normal business. Some of the work carried out on behalf of NI Water is probably necessary but at a time of difficulty for local traders it is incredible that the City Council decided to launch into unneeded cosmetic public realm work.”

Commenting further, Mr Love said:

“While parking limitations have advantages, the 1 hour limit in the central area is having an adverse effect on many businesses and that 2 hour limits should apply.”


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