MCNARRY: Nesbitt’s pacts are designed to deprive unionist voters of choice


David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has commented on the UUP leader’s talk of electoral pacts.

He said :

“Given his history with party pacts and my role in particular with them, Nesbitt has a crass, short memory. It is no surprise, as the artful dodger of pacts, he seemingly – either for personal advancement or family candidature – sees them to be of interest. It is most certainly not for unionism.”

“UKIP will do what is best for Northern Ireland and will not be told by the UUP or, for that matter, the DUP where they can or cannot stand. It is typical of Nesbitt’s inexperience that he wants deals conducted through the media to the exclusion of all except himself and Peter Robinson. If that is how they both wish to treat and disrespect UKIP, then it shows just how selfish they are and how willing they would be to disallow the unionist voter the right to vote as they please.”


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