DAY: This is no flash in the pan


Commenting on the two huge By-elections in Clacton and Heywood and Middleton, UKIP Mid Ulster Representative Alan Day said:

“I just want to congratulate Douglas Carswell and John Bickley for the sterling effort in the two recent by-elections in Clacton and Heywood and Middleton.”

“UKIP can truly make history in the coming years. Both candidates have both fought marvellous campaigns and their teams have worked flat out for the past number of weeks.”

“Today, the political earthquake continues in British Politics. This is the beginning of the March towards Westminster. The tanks are on the lawn!”

“This is no flash in the pan. UKIP have trounced the Tories and shocked Labour. Both are reeling from the backlash of fed-up voters. My congratulations to Douglas Carswell MP for his historic breakthrough. ”

“UKIP now have representation in Stormont, Westminster and Brussels (and indeed England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) which no other party offers. This switch of voting allegiances represents an unstoppable momentum with UKIP’s appeal right across the nation – including Northern Ireland – sending out shockwaves to our local not-fit-for-purpose parties.”

“UKIP will continue to speak common sense to the man in the street and seek to tackle low wages, high taxes, high energy costs due to green subsidies, silly EU regulations banning vacuum cleaners and closing factories like Gallahers in Ballymena.”


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