Jones has welcomed assurances from senior Health Trust Staff

Cllr David Jones
Cllr David Jones

UKIP Councillor David Jones has welcomed assurances from senior Health Trust Staff that our health care professionals are well trained, and have adequate equipment in place to deal with any potential incident of Ebola effected patients being present in Northern Ireland.

Mr Jones received the assurance from senior NHS staff at a recent meeting in Craigavon.

Commenting, Cllr Jones said:

“We sometimes ask what is the point in spending much needed resources on equipment and extensive training in preparation for exotic disease outbreaks, but the present crisis affecting West Africa, Texas in the United States, and now health workers in Spain shows how vitally important it is to be prepared for any eventuality. At this recent meeting, I raised the issue of a construction worker who had recently returned from West Africa, dying of Malaria in Donegal. I explained our concern that the man had not been isolated and checked for possible Ebola infection until he had perished.”

Commenting further, the UKIP Councillor for the Portadown area added:

“While this incident occurred outside our own jurisdiction, it was too close for comfort. I was concerned to learn that if this poor man had have been admitted to a hospital in Northern Ireland, he would have been logged as simply coming directly from the Republic of Ireland, rather than having just arrived from Sierra Leone. We need adequate arrangements in place throughout the British Isles to deal with this frightening issue.”


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