McNarry and Jordan – Can PSNI budget afford 8,400 immigrant convictions & £4 million in translation services ?



UKIP Councillor Noel Jordan and UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland; David McNarry MLA are highlighting alarming issues arising out of information supplied by the PSNI by way of a Freedom of information release.

The information states:

1. Over 8,000 (8,403) non UK citizens have been arrested by the PSNI and subsequently prosecuted and convicted.

2. Nearly £4 million (£3,830,848.08) has been spent out of PSNI funds on translators and interpreters.

The timeframe for this information provided is 01/01/2009 to 31/12/2013

Commenting on this information, the UKIP representatives said, “We are supporters of the PSNI and recognise the important work they do in carrying out their duties. These brave men and women deserve the full co-operation of all local communities in their efforts to preserve peace and order.”

“At a time when the Chief Constable has rocked society with his honest appraisal pointing out how cuts in the PSNI budget will result in drastic reductions. We ask it is not time to assess the large sums of money spent on immigration arrivals?”

“We welcome naturally the many who come to our country and play a full and active role in society and make a worthwhile contribution when integrating into local communities.”

“However these dramatic figures of immigrants acting outside the law and the high numbers of convictions clearly shows that not only are they criminals, their criminal activity is out of order.”

“The cost of processing their crimes of criminal investigations, of prosecutions in the courts and time on probation or in prison is an unnecessary burden which we simply cannot afford. That said, our views apply to all criminal activity!”

“We find the fact that millions of pounds spent by the PSNI on translators, a figure we understand not dissimilar to the money used on interpreters in the Health Service is totally unacceptable. This is clear evidence of people not integrating, not learning to speak English and costing an absolute fortune.”

“We fully understand that some people may find themselves in a stressful situation and unable in such circumstances to communicate properly. But the millions of pounds spent would not be for such needs.”

The UKIP men said, “Such figures betray the underlying complacency within too many statutory bodies and exposes the lack of urgency to deal with immigration. Just look across the sea to other UK regions to realise how serious the issue is. It is growing here right under our noses and lamentably it is being ignored.”

“Northern Ireland people are caring people, good givers to other cases. In a time of plenty there is room to be more helpful – but in the current situation of cost cutting we cannot afford to keep criminals, slackers, economic tourists and teach English to people who can’t communicate.”


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