McNarry: Congratulations Scotland. Now let’s build a new, better and modern United Kingdom together


David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has congratulated the Scottish people on having the good sense and judgement to remain within the United Kingdom. Mr McNarry said :

“The union has been secured. Sinn Fein and the SDLP need no longer seek to rock the constitutional boat in Northern Ireland. As with the majority in Scotland, so in Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland people remain content within the union.

We look forward to seeing the proposals the government will make for greater regional autonomy within the United Kingdom. There will now be a new constitutional dispensation for the four home nations. UKIP will ensure that Northern Ireland is not left behind in any new arrangements and that we get our fair share as far as greater local self-government is concerned.”

Commenting further, Mr. McNarry said:

“All parties need to engage in helping to build a new, better and modern United Kingdom and to do so positively with a view to setting free our people’s energy and talent. Gesture politics needs to come to an end as does political grandstanding.

People are looking for a better run country with real, well-informed clear-thinking decisions being made properly and openly with overall Northern Ireland policy and spending priorities replacing the spendthrift, silo-mentality attitudes so prevalent in our creaking, self-seeking departmental bureaucracy here.

We need a new type of efficient government, a government for and by the people, not a government dominated and rendered ineffective by narrow big-party self-interest.”


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