McNarry predicts a NO vote win


Commenting on the Scottish Referendum in today’s Newsletter, UKIP NI Leader David McNarry MLA said:

“Not surprisingly I am depending on Scotland staying in the Union.

“Hasn’t it been interesting to see a panic- stricken Cameron, Miliband and Clegg shaken out of their inactive complacencies to save the Union?

“Would they do the same for Northern Ireland should a Yes vote in Scotland plunge Northern Ireland into a dog­fight with republicans?

“I doubt it, but I know that Nigel Farage would rally with us to keep the United Kingdom intact.

“Linkage is a key element for the future. Irrespective of the vote Scotland and its people will be damaged.

“The issue of the Union should have been put to the whole of the United Kingdom to decide because the decision on the Union emphatically matters also to Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

“With the polls showing a neck and neck race, let me stick my neck out with a prediction of a No vote win”.


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