Northern Ireland electorate deserve better

UKIP NI Leader David McNarry MLA
UKIP NI Leader David McNarry MLA


David McNarry MLA has said the Northern Ireland electorate have had enough of the five Executive parties at Stormont and “deserve better”.

The UKIP NI Regional leader said it was time unionists realised that whatever the outcome of the referendum in Scotland, Northern Ireland’s constitutional position remains “intact and safe”.

The Strangford Assembly Member said: “Republicans know this, it’s about time unionists profited from it.

“Turning the Assembly into a ‘broken borough’ outfit is reprehensible. Continuing with bitter squabbles until the summer of 2016 would be a recipe for disaster.

“The DUP are embroiled in internal turmoil, Sinn Fein are controlled from Dublin, the UUP remain in freefall alongside the SDLP and Alliance are in electoral meltdown.”

In a letter written before the latest comments from Peter Robinson, Mr McNarry added: “All five coalition hangers-on show no sign of regrouping. They represent partners in a sham Executive.

“The electorate are crying out for leadership. They deserve better than the soap opera at Stormont. UKIP call for an end of hostilities and an immediate re-setting of the Executive clock or the right returned to the electorate to choose differently at the earliest possible date.”


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