MCNARRY: DUP Euro-sceptics, or is it about getting a seat at the top table?

UKIP NI Leader David McNarry MLA
UKIP NI Leader David McNarry MLA

The DUP recently sent out a press release praising its MEP’s appointment to “the most influential European Parliament Committee.” In the press release which lauds Mrs Dodds’ appointment to “the top table” of European Parliament decision making, the MEP can be seen posing for a photo opportunity with the European Parliament President Martin Schulz.

Commenting on this development, UKIP NI Leader and MLA for Strangford David McNarry said:

“During the European election, the DUP repeatedly claimed that it was a euro-sceptic party. Indeed, Mrs Dodds saw fit to remind us on more than one occasion that she would keenly defend Northern Ireland’s interests in the European Parliament, but would remain a tough critic of it.”

“If the DUP truly are Eurosceptic, and they believe like UKIP that the UK’s future lies outside of this broken and deeply-flawed political union; is it not the case that Mrs Dodds would be better served joining the ranks of other Euro-Sceptics, rather than grand-standing and posing for photocalls with the very European technocrats she claims to be opposed to?”

Commenting further, Mr McNarry said:

“I would suggest to Mrs Dodds that if she truly wants to serve those who elected her in May, and honour her pre-election promises, she should join the 24 UKIP MEPs and 24 others that make up the strong EFDD group in the European Parliament.”

Given the rhetoric that we now hear from the DUP, and given this grand-standing, the question must be asked: Are they truly a Euro-sceptic party, or was it all just about getting a seat “at the top table of the European Parliament?”


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