Hookem calls for an end to downgrading of Armed Forces

UKIP defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has today called for “an end to the downgrading of the Armed Forces” as latest government figures show a decrease in 2,350 regular personnel since last year despite the increased threat to the UK.
Mr Hookem said the latest monthly service personnel statistics “showed structural problems in the morale of the Armed Forces with numbers of regular troops declining month on month.”

“This country is facing the threat from an enemy which, as a non-state actor, does not have any rules or red lines and recognises no international treaties yet we have a government which refuses to recognise the need to invest in the defence of this nation.

“Army 2020 was a sham of a policy which gerrymandered personnel numbers by including Reserve troops and, as of July, soldiers who have not even completed their training will be included.

“In short, the Army have nowhere near enough people to undertake all that they are expected to do by a government sadly lacking in military experience.

“In addition, the RAF have no decent tactical support aircraft and if the Navy were a civilian company they would be in receivership.

“We’ve seen all Type 45 destroyers in port at the same time: this is very likely to coincide with summer holidays and leave but they also have engines which can’t function in warm waters because they were the cheap option the government picked and alarmingly these are the same engines being used for the new aircraft carriers.”

Mr Hookem said should he become the party’ deputy leader “defence would be a priority for UKIP.”

“We are the only party who truly stands up for the veteran community but also prepared to put the money into our Armed Forces.

“It’s not just about one day a year in June where politicians can have their photos taken with troops, ” he said, referring to Armed Forces Day, “it’s 365 days a year.”

UKIP Leadership Candidates announced

“An NEC led panel sat yesterday afternoon to determine the eligibility of those that submitted nomination papers to stand to be UKIP’s new Party Leader. Following their deliberations and a vote on the matter within the NEC, the following have been duly nominated:

Cllr Bill Etheridge MEP

Diane James MEP

Elizabeth Jones

Jonathan Arnott MEP

Cllr Lisa Duffy

Phillip Broughton

“By a clear majority of NEC members Steven Woolfe MEP’s application was considered to be ineligible as a result of a late submission and as such he did not meet the eligibility criteria. His membership of the Party was not in question.”

Returning Officer, Adam Richardson.

McNarry comments on Alan Lewis remarks

Responding to comments from former UKIP NI Secretary, Alan Lewis
UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry said: 


“It is deeply regrettable that Alan Lewis has decided to issue a press statement when he said he would not. I’m shocked that he has misinformed people that he was my advisor, when he wasn’t. I’m also disgusted that he diminishes and knocks UKIP, the party that secured and helped to win a referendum, and the party that he spent years as a member of, to go off and join a party of EU luvvies.  I will keep to myself Alan’s previous comments on the UUP and it’s ‘leader’, vitriolic is all I will say.

“Alan served UKIP well, working in the office – so it is sad that there was no position for him after the election. UKIP continues to be the party that stands up for people on the issues that matter. We have enjoyed sizeable growth recently locally, evidence being that fifteen new members have joined our ranks over the past few weeks.

UKIP is strong and it is vibrant. We are here to stay and our truly loyal and committed activists are united in the UKIP cause.”



New EU corporate tax proposals will drive Irish Republic out of EU

Councillor David Jones has said that he does not believe the Irish Republic will be able to remain long-term in the EU.
The UKIP Councillor, who sits on the ABC council, has said that EU moves to impose a common consolidated corporate tax base will mean that it would be uneconomic and impossible for the Irish Republic to remain in the EU.

He said:

“The EU common consolidated corporate tax base (CCCTB) proposals were originally launched in 2011, re-launched in 2015 and a mandatory proposal was introduced in 2016. The most likely level for an EU-wide corporate tax band would be about 30%. 

Currently, Germany has a corporate tax rate of between 30% in Berlin to 33% in Munich. In France, corporate tax is levied at 33.2%, in Italy it is levied at 31.4% and in Spain, it is 25%. In the Irish Republic the level is only 12.5% and this has been reduced to only 6.25% for companies engaged in innovation based on home-grown Irish intellectual property and involved in export.
Clearly, if Ireland were to conform to an EU common corporation tax rate, it would drive many businesses out of Ireland, lead to mass unemployment and an economic slump. So if the CCCTB goes ahead, as is now likely with the UK’s brexit, then Ireland will have to leave the EU to survive.”
“In any case, only 39% of the Irish Republic’s trade is with the EU, while 61% of it is with Britain, the USA and the rest of the world. So the Republic will eventually face the dilemma – where does most of our trade lie? The official figures also mask some major tax moves. How much of the £34 billion of services imported each year from the EU, for example, is tied up with company tax headquarters based in Dublin buying services from within the same company operating elsewhere in the EU? The same applies to the annual import of services totalling £22 billion a year from the USA. So possibly Ireland’s trading future actually lies outside the EU.”
“Now that the UK is liberated by brexit from any possibility of this EU common corporate tax rate, perhaps the UK should be looking to establish a Commonwealth free trade area, a commonwealth that the Irish Republic could easily rejoin and benefit from. They would be welcomed with open arms. It is, after all, from an Irish Republican point of view, the Commonwealth not the British Commonwealth. They could even join the Sterling area, with all its new–found export advantages, and free themselves from the dangers of remaining in the ticking time-bomb that is the Euro.”
“I welcome the former Chancellor George Osborne’s reduction of UK Corporation tax to 15%. Why stop there? Why not go for 10% or even 5%? Fairer corporate tax would eliminate tax evasion. It would no longer be worthwhile. It would be better to get a smaller percentage of more than a big percentage of less.”  

McNarry comments on McGuinness remarks 

Commenting on remarks from Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness, David McNarry has said:

“UKIP will take no lectures from a criminal and terrorist pretending to be a politician but fooling no one. The Deputy First Minister is recklessly raising tensions through Pan-Irish attempts to force a Border Poll.”

Mr. McNarry added:

“Ironically, he was part of the UK delegates sitting across the table from the Irish.”

McNarry comments on Farage stepping down 

Commenting after Nigel Farage today announced that he is stepping down as UKIP Leader, UKIP’s Northern Ireland Leader, David McNarry said:

“The country owes Nigel Farage deserved recognition for his unstinting contribution in securing the nations support to Leave the European Union.

Personally, I want to thank him for his total commitment to Northern Ireland and the role he honoured me with in local politics. Together with a band of determined local councillors and activists, UKIP are going from strength to strength, thanks to Nigel’s leadership.

“Nigel stands down self-satisfied that for him after a lifetime of dedication to take our country back, it is mission accomplished. Few can draw a line in politics with a legacy in place that rewards him with a positive place in history.”

Mr. McNarry added:

“He became the Leader of the People’s Army and not only won the battle he has won the war. I give him my thanks for all that he has achieved.
Nigel deserves a rest and time with his family to enjoy his life as he chooses. I wish him well in all he does.”

We won our country back: Are ‘democrats’ going to accept people’s choice?

Opinion Piece By David McNarry – UKIP Leader, NI

Through the National decision taken at the democratic ballot box, we have won our country back. Yet immediately in the aftermath some cite this public demonstration to be wrong. What do they want an apology and a referendum re-run?Already the ‘luvies’ are pressing home division on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, class etc. It’s as if those who voted Brexit are to them an alien community. 

Locally the despicable opportunists of Sinn Fein have with indecent haste waded in calling for a border poll in a strident move to back up the Union. These latter day converts to peaceful and democratic means are seizing on the rhetoric of the Scottish Nationalist limpets.

Did I not hear ‘all’ Leaders prior to polling day agree that whatever the result they would accept the people’s choice without rancour? So much it seems for bad losers that less than 24 hours later they had broken their word. The ugly side of scaremongering continues to the extent that those who voted as a majority to ‘Leave’ are being scapegoated. Let me point out that no one who voted to ‘Leave’ owes an apology nor should they be targeted by the drips who have no cause to fight for.

Insofar as my friends in Scotland and those who believe that independence from the UK is their birth right and that entry into the E.U is their destiny. Reluctantly I say if it is your wish to breakaway then do so as quickly as possible without negotiation or pain put on the rest of us.

But in their capacity for escapism to be ‘euroscots’ do not dare to encourage or wage war on the Unionists of my country. Do not ferment tensions here with your fellow republican travellers in Sinn Fein. Link up in some facile Celtic club with the Irish Republic in a Federal United States of Europe if that is your heart’s desire, but leave us, my country out of your negotiations. Quite frankly Nocona Sturgeon is behaving like a spoilt child well above her station.

LEAVE victory historic – lives will change for the better 

Commenting on the ‘historic victory’ for LEAVE in the Referendum on our membership of the EU – UKIP Leader in NI, David McNarry said:
“On Monday I called for an ‘Independence Day’ Vote. The nation has spoken and has decided to Leave the European Union and the will of the people must be respected. 

“Lives will change for the better and our younger generation has been handed a lasting legacy. The future is brighter in a strong Independent United Kingdom – free from the shackles of the undemocratic EU.”

Commenting further, Mr. McNarry added:

“Moves to challenge the validity of the Union are contaminated by agitation and as such are unwelcome.”


BREXIT – THE MOVIE will be screened for the very first time here in Northern Ireland next week. 
Dan Hannan MEP will represent the official Leave campaign as the headline speaker on the night. UKIP will be co-hosting this event and it will also be addressed by the UKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry.

The movie which is an in depth look at the European Union and why we should vote to LEAVE on June 23rd, will be screened next Friday June 3rd at 7:30pm for 8pm start at the Strand Cinema in East Belfast. 

Limited tickets will be available via  Eventbrite and further details will be released soon. Come along, enjoy the evening and support Brexit.
Keep an eye out on the Vote Leave NI and the UKIP NI social media accounts next week.