UKIP Jordan calls on towns & villages here to twin with mainland towns and villages


Councillor Noel Jordan, the UKIP Assembly Candidate for  East Antrim  in the upcoming  election has called for towns and villages across Northern Ireland to set up twinning arrangements with towns in other parts of the UK.

“People here need to begin to smell the coffee and realise just how far down the road to a united Ireland we already are. This is a nationalist narrative and not a unionist narrative. People need to realise that our local parties here are are selling them a ‘little Northern Ireland’ story. That is a dangerous mentality. We need to start to reassert our unionist identity. That means closer union with mainland Britain. So I encourage unionist run councils across Northern Ireland to establish links to towns and villages in other parts of the UK.

“Just think about it. Elections here bring out just how different we are from mainland Britain. We have different parties, and are dominated by inward-looking local issues, often ignoring the very real bread and butter issues which have such a big impact on our people’s standard of living. This is a conjuring trick. It takes people’s attention away from real economic issues which would change their lives and prosperity. This is just a big game that suits the non-achieving, parochial local parties and it is part of the reason why they are selling people here short. They all gain and the people are the losers. It’s time to call time on this charade.”

Cllr. Jordan added:

“If there is ever a major challenge to Northern Ireland’s status as part of the UK, such as the Joint sovereignty of Northern Ireland by the UK and Irish Republic currently being mooted by Sinn Fein and the SDLP; the allies of the Ulster Unionist Party, then Northern Ireland will need political friends on the mainland. Can they trust the Tories? Certainly not. Can they trust Corbyn, the IRA sympathising Labour Leader? I hardly think so.

Northern Ireland will need friends. UKIP is the political force of the future and the patriotic party of the people for the entire United Kingdom; that includes Northern Ireland. So a vote for Noel Jordan and UKIP in East Antrim would be a wise vote for the British future of you and your kids.”

Jones explains why UKIP will not run in Upper Bann this time

Jones explains why UKIP will not run in Upper Bann this time

Councillor David Jones of UKIP Upper Bann has said : 
By now nominations will have been deposited at Electoral Offices for the forth coming Elections to the Stormont Assembly. While UKIP is fielding a candidate at East Antrim constituency we at Upper Bann decided we would not run a candidate. We did not consider it appropriate to run a candidate in an election called at the behest of Sinn Fein. The RHI scandal was used as an excuse to trigger this election but Sinn Fein knew about the RHI scandal for over a year and did nothing. 

We all know Sinn Fein have sought a border poll for some time. With the local Brexit result they thought with this they could bring a United Ireland closer. Being told by HM Government each region would not have a say they then moved to call an Assembly election, manipulating the arrogance of the DUP to facilitate it. This election has now effectively turned into a border poll.

We believe if Sinn Fein are to return to the Executive they will have been granted or promised a raft of concessions : the Irish Language Act and prosecution of security forces to name but two.

We do not see a First or so called deputy First Minister being agreed, leading to a prolonged period of negotiations and suspension of Stormont. Following negotiations the likely outcome will either be further concessions to republicans or the collapse of Stormont. This election has little to do with the people or their worries on health, education, employment, immigration or our children’s future. This election has all to do with the Parties vying for power in an time-wasting and ineffective legislature.

We in UKIP are building for the future. We believe the existing unionist Parties have been weighed in the balance and found wanting in their efforts for the ordinary people. If any vote should be taking place now it should be whether to support the current Stormont set up or move on to a more democratic and purposeful system, focussed on efficient and effective delivery of services and not on the endless time-wasting which has characterised Stormont. We believe this can be done. 

UKIP is the only national Party with representatives in all four corners of the United Kingdom. We are comfortable in the Union and it is safe with us. As a growing Party we look forward to increased representation at Westminster, throughout the regions and at Council level. We will continue to grow and work for the ordinary people. We are not parochial. We look further afield. We will work to make sure Northern Ireland grows politically and is effectively administered in the areas of medicine, education, employment, immigration, infrastructure and the environment. These are the real issues that are important to us all. UKIP was the Party that achieved Brexit. Without us it would not have happened. In Northern Ireland we can achieve much with your assistance and are working to do that.
UKIP is the new Unionism. Be part of it.   
We would advise everyone to exercise their democratic right to vote in this election even though the outcome is likely to amount to very little. Use you vote wisely by going down the card as far as you can go, not just 1 and 2. We wish Noel Jordan UKIP in East Antrim well. Vote UKIP – Get UKIP

UKIP’s Noel Jordan wants people to identify closer with the UK


“Northern Ireland is at risk because it is so different to the rest of the UK”

Councillor Noel Jordan of UKIP, who lodged his nomination papers for the upcoming Assembly election today, has said that he is standing to offer voters in East Antrim an opportunity to identify with the national political party which had given the UK back its freedom under Brexit.

Cllr Jordan said: 

“Northern Ireland is dangerously isolated within the UK. It is on the road to a united Ireland already. A ‘little Northern Ireland’ attitude among our local parties is cutting us off from mainstream UK politics, making us seem different and un-British. But our living standards really depend on UK politics. Vote for UKIP and become part of a UK-wide party, the party of Brexit, the party that gave you the referendum and the party that brought back British freedom.” 

Cllr. Jordan added:

“UKIP are standing for HONEST POLITICS in Northern Ireland; something that has been sadly lacking recently.”


(Check out the campaign section for more info.)

Sinn Fein guilty of culpable negligence in not setting a draft budget

Jones says Sinn Fein guilty of culpable negligence in not setting a draft budget. It’s a betrayal of the health and education services by reckless bullies

Councillor David Jones of UKIP has said that the outgoing Finance Minister, Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, is guilty of culpable negligence in not even publishing a draft budget before Sinn Fein’s stunt walkout from the power sharing government at Stormont.
“Apparently political stunts like the mass Sinn Fein resignation matters more to Sinn Fein that setting a budget for our beleaguered health and education services. There is considerable concern that civil servants will not be able to fix the budget in the event of an Executive being formed after this uncalled for and wasteful election because a a draft budget to guide them is just not there. It could well mean that a direct rule intervention will become necessary.”
“Make no mistake about it, Sinn Fein have walked and want a whole raft of new concessions before they will even consider coming back. It is my belief that we will have to seek new democratic ways of running the government of Northern Ireland, other than the present Assembly, by the summer,” commented the UKIP Councillor.

UKIP Trade Unionists

We would like to send congratulations to our friend and colleague,  Brian Higginson on becoming a representative on the UKIP Trade Unionists Group. We are certain Brian will do a fine job. 

JONES: Time to develop single tier authority arrangements for NI

Jones says it is time to develop new single tier authority arrangements for the proper governance of Northern Ireland 
Councillor David Jones of UKIP has said he believes that the government will need to look at new arrangements for the governance of Northern Ireland. 

“It is not simply a question of giving out some of Stormont’s powers to local councils as an interim measure. It goes well beyond that. Two things are clear. First Sinn Fein’s departure from the Executive, with Martin McGuinness’s promise that there will be no return to the status quo, marks the abandonment of the power sharing strategy which has been operational since 1998. 

Second, it is quite clear that the three weeks allocated for negotiations to form an Executive after these pointless elections, will fail – which is a betting certainty, This will lead to an indefinite period of suspension for Stormont. That is where the smart money is.” 

“Add into this mix the certainty of a hard Brexit, with a harder border and the huge pressures coming on the Irish Republic from higher EU contributions, the unfolding EU drama of Google’s and other’s tax schemes, President Trump’s vow to ‘bring the jobs home to the US,’ and you may well have a perfect political and economic storm in the Irish Republic with a movement developing to take the Irish Republic out of the EU and join the UK in some ‘Council of the Isles’ arrangement”

“This will be no temporary blip. To my mind, government will have to put new permanent governance arrangements in place for Northern Ireland which may well take the form of a single tier authority with politically neutral architecture, more focussed on the efficient delivery of devolved services and money than the sterile, endless political squabbles, inefficiency and inaction which has characterised Stormont. 

There may be different variations on this theme with, for instance, a ‘Greater Belfast Metropolitan Authority’ incorporating Lisburn and Castlereagh, Newtownabbey and Glengormley, Holywood and Carrickfergus and other localities, possibly with a directly elected Mayor.”

“It’s time people smelt the coffee and worked for new structures which can deliver better government for Northern Ireland. The model of devolution should be people-centred and delivery-focussed rather than the Ruritanian pretend-parliament that Stormont had become, filled with hot air and self-importance.”

2016 was the people’s year – 2017 needs to be the year of delivery

By David McNarry


There can be no doubt that 2016 was the people’s year.  The integrity of our United Kingdom and it’s national majority decision in the June Referendum has to be respected. UKIP will not allow Irish and Scottish Nationalists and Republicans to wreck this Union. Brexit eclipsed all other events in 2016. 

2017 needs to see the implementation of exiting the European Union. 17.4 Million of us voted to Leave and we, the people must get exactly what we voted for. 

Locally, UKIP will continue to work hard to keep our Government and Council’s honest. 2017 has to see delivery and positive results impacting on our people’s quality of life, and bringing benefits from the outworkings of Stormont.

To all I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Nuttall: NI needs full independent, judge led RHI Inquiry. Foster needs to step down



Commenting on the RHI Scandal and the events that have unfolded over the course of the last days and weeks, the Leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall MEP said:


“The people of Northern Ireland demand answers. The spectacle that they witnessed yesterday at Stormont and in the media over the last week is shameful. One half of a Joint First Minister’s office delivering a statement that their partner in Government didn’t sign off on. A defiant and angry First Minister and her party then apportioning blame on everyone but themselves. We also witnessed opposition parties more interested in the politics of stuntery than asking the relevant questions.

In May, Arlene Foster and her party, the DUP claimed that they were the party that could offer strong leadership for Northern Ireland. Given this latest saga,  It would appear that instead of implementing  a plan for a strong Northern Ireland, her party of Government has been found asleep at the wheel. Yesterday, we witnessed a pantomime play out on the benches at Stormont. A defiant, shouty digging in of the heels  on one side of the chamber, and on the other side, toothless opposition. These MLAs would do well to remember that they are there to represent the people (and not themselves or their political parties) first.”

“There are serious questions that need to be answered urgently. Namely: Why in 2012 did the then Enterprise Minister, Mrs. Foster not replicate the scheme as it is in Great Britain which included safeguards? When was the earliest date that Executive Minister(s) (including the current First Minister) knew about the failings, shortcomings and projected overspend in the scheme?  Specifically when and why did the UK Treasury refuse to fund the scheme? Did the First Minister (as has been claimed) receive correspondence from officials in 2013 warning her of the potential failings of the scheme? Who were the individuals that benefited when the scheme was extended and there was suddenly a late flurry of new applicants? Amongst the list of those that benefited, are there donors to one of the Executive Parties? Were unelected Special Advisors and officials unduly influencing, lobbying or making decisions over the head of Government Minister’s? 

These are some of the very serious questions that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency. This saga could ultimately end up costing the Northern Ireland taxpayer up to £400 Million. This shameful and monumental failure by the Northern Ireland Executive needs to be fully investigated. It cannot be fully, fairly  and impartially addressed if the current First Minister remains in place as she would ultimately be involved in initiating the groundwork for any investigation.”

Commenting further, Mr. Nuttall added:


“UKIP is calling for a full, transparent, independent, judge-led public Inquiry into the entirety of the Heat Incentive Scheme. In order to allow any Inquiry to be given a chance of getting to the full truth, Arlene Foster should stand down as the First Minister of Northern Ireland as a matter or urgency. There are simply too many questions that currently remain unanswered.

“Northern Ireland deserves much  better than the shambles that we have witnessed in recent days, weeks and months. The public is losing faith in the politicians at Stormont and understandably trust in their ability to govern in the interests of the people is dwindling daily. As the only national political party with active elected representatives in the four corners of the United Kingdom,  UKIP will be holding local and national political parties and the Government’s feet to the fire to ensure that the public get the answers they deserve.”


RHI: Stormont is a swamp that needs to be drained


Commenting on the RHI Scandal, UKIP Councillor David Jones said:

“Many will have watched Jonathan Bell and Arlene Foster give their frank interviews on BBC Nolan last night and  each person will make up their own mind on which of the accounts to believe.

It was notable from early on that the DUP party faithful were quick to change their social media profiles to declare support for their Leader. One has to question whether this was a spontaneous act? It is much more likely that this was in fact an act orchestrated by their Headquarters. The same can be said regarding the reports of phone calls pledging support.

“It was interesting to hear allegations of the power and influence wielded by Stormont Special Advisors. These ‘SPADS’ are not the ordinary civil servants in the employ of the civil service, but political party appointees or DUP members in highly paid positions (£90,000 salaries.) So who has the final say at Stormont and more widely; who actually runs  our entire Government? It would appear that the ‘SPADS’ are out of control. So who runs the show: The people you elected, or the well paid ‘golden’ advisors?”

Commenting further, Councillor Jones added:

“Another interesting point made by The First Minister herself was when she alleged  that she was verbally abused by Mr. Bell. During her section of the back and forth colleague character assassination, Mrs Foster indicated that not only she, but other females had reported similar behaviour. If this was to happen in any other place of employment, a Senior Manager or board would have to take action if reported. If this is true, why then did Arlene Foster as DUP Leader not report this or take action herself against Bell, as she would have encouraged employees of other companies to do?

“Allegations and accusations will no doubt continue to fly around in the days to come. What is abundantly clear to  onlookers is the fact that Stormont is broken. Those representatives have betrayed the trust placed in them by the electorate.  Many of these individuals have lost any semblance of integrity.

People demand answers. What we, the people need now is a full public inquiry to learn the truth about what has happened here. This is not the first time recently that there have been serious questions raised  in relation to Executive decisions.  Talking to people from across this country, it is clear that faith in our politicians is low.”

“All is not right on the hill. Stormont is a ‘swamp’ that needs drained, and it needs drained now.”

RHI: Secretary of State needs to step in

David McNarry of UKIP is calling on the Northern Ireland Secretary of State to step in and assist with restoring some credibility to Stormont.            

Mr. McNarry is also asking the Secretary Of State to ask the Treasury to fully investigate the Stormont version of the RHI scheme: To have the Treasury confirm when and why it refused to fund this scheme.


Additionally, he is calling on SOS Brokenshire to review the St. Andrews changes to the Belfast Agreement which removed by-elections.